Got Design Package Questions? We've Got Answers.

What type of spaces does Modsy design?

We currently offer design packages for living rooms, dining rooms, open living/dining spaces, entryways, bedrooms (kids, master, or guest), home offices, and nurseries. At this time we are unable to design bathrooms, kitchens, closets, outdoor living spaces, or commercial office spaces. 

What products and price points does Modsy offer?

We offer a variety of brands and products. Modsy partners with top retailers and we also curate our own collections from our preferred vendors. We offer low, medium and high price points. Regardless of the package you choose to go with we can offer products that match your budget. Tell us your overall budget and which pieces you plan to buy and our stylists will design your room to meet your budget.


My home is in the process of being built. Can Modsy help style my space before it’s built?

At this time our 3D model room building tool is only able to build spaces from real-life photos, and we will require that your space is completed. We will need at least 8 photos of the room as we will build it exactly as we see it in the photos. We would love to help with your design project and we hope that you'll consider working with us once your space is complete!


Can Modsy help me visualize some planned renovations in my space?

If your space is currently under construction or you are planning to make structural changes to your space please hold off on uploading your photos until it is complete. We are only able to build the space as we see it in the photos provided.


Can Modsy offer paint color recommendations?

Our Stylists would be happy to help with paint color recommendations. After you sign up, we'll ask you some questions about your project, so please be sure to note if you want to see different paint colors in your designs. If you have a specific color in mind you can tell us the exact color and we’ll build your 3D model accordingly.  Please note, If you don’t put in the request we will match the walls to the color they appear in your photos.

Can Modsy provide recommendations for window treatments?

 While we are working hard on the ability to show window treatments and curtains in customer spaces, we do not currently offer this feature at this time.